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Martin Altherr

Self-Transformation Expert

Martin Altherr has two decades of experience in one-on-one transformations. Individuals, teaching at institutes, schools for therapists, doctors, athletes, entrepreneurs, and Hollywood actors. He has also been an entrepreneur for over 30 years, bringing this valuable life experience to assist further his clients and students realize their destinies.He has worked with over 5570 people, empowering them with the tools they need to become who they are meant to be — enabling them to leverage their skills. His mission is to guide his students in achieving a prosperous life.He owns the extraordinary capability of redefining what is possible and is unique in his way of inspiring people. Due to his in-depth knowledge of human behavior, he is susceptible to their deepest inner feelings, what motivates them, as well as what holds them back.

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Amy Parmar | Heart Healer

Amy Parmar is an energy healer and dating coach for women over 40. For the past several years, she has worked toward helping women overcome issues in their personal lives so they can get back to finding great partners and living empowered and full lives. 

She is a lifelong fan and devotee of the area of transformational and positive psychology. Her aim is to help thousands of women find love, happiness, and fulfillment. 

Jacqueline Boothe | Womanhood Cycles Expert

Jacqueline Boothe is an intuitive transitions  coach that provides a space for women to explore themselves with freedom and no judgements.  Jacqueline intuitively taps into the core of your blockages and using holistic methods nurtures your reconnection with your higher self to release and transform the challenges that you face in your day to day life experience.  Freeing you to live the life you desire.

Simply Me,  has been  created as the safe space where you can explore, unlock, release and reconnect to self.  Whatever your experiences have been, they are a part of you and make you ‘simply me’ unapologetically. To contact Jacqueline: simplymeuk.com

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Sonia Varoli | (AyurDharma) holistic nurse and ayurvedic wellness and souls spiritual coach.

I am  Italian, I have one lovely daughter, she is my life, my why.

In 1996 I had a spontaneous obe, but I was like a blind. In 2009 during a bad period, I was drained in burn out, luckily a miracle happened, I had awakening, I started feelt the body frequency and my spiritual gift see aura. I had never heard about aura until my first experience. I was very shocked. At the same time some questions came into my mind.

Since then I started learned about spiritual paths and I came across the Old science of Ayurveda Medicine. I was so fascinated and all became clear.  I learned more about awakening and self developed, I became reiki practitioner 2 levels , angels reiki, quantika practitioner and personal growth. I studied aromatherapy, crystal stone and the law of attractions, channeling and  meditation paths.

Amandalee Sparks | energy alignment and mindset coach

Amandalee Sparks is an energy alignment and mindset coach who helps people shift into their divine flow of abundance, and deepen their divine guidance connection so they can continue to follow their path to more money with more ease than they thought possible.

She is passionate about empowering people to clear out their inner junk, access their gifts & talents, get them out to the world and get paid for them.

She loves to help people with her deep intuitive gift and energy pattern clearing magic. She’s been on this amazing energy healing and intuition journey for just over a decade and is so happy to have found her passion that utilizes her super powers.

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patricia allen | MONEY MINDSET-WEALTH

Patricia Allen, CRPC® is a Women’s Financial Empowerment Expert, Wealth advisor, award winning author, international speaker who specializes in helping women navigate the complex world of personal finance and wealth management.

 As a woman working in a male-dominated field for 25 years, Patricia has recognized that a woman’s style of communication and ways of learning are different than most men.

She has earned a proven track record for providing an environment that supports women’s natural style of communicating by helping them master the feminine approach to building wealth.

From a struggling single mom of two that was raised on welfare Patricia’s passion, determination and resilience have empowered women all over the world to take control of their financial lives and achieve financial freedom while having their hearts and minds free from the worry of the what ifs of life.

She is living proof that a woman can do anything she sets her mind to doing!   Patricia believes that “every woman has to be in control of her finances in order to be in control of her destiny”.

rowana statham | Europe’s First Food Chain Detective

My name is Rowana Statham, Ro for short. I am Europe’s First Food Chain Detective. Helping you to find fabulous food which Rocks your body; Food with the comfort of junk food, the taste of gourmet and the impact of superfood. Food which really rocks your body, mind and soul. OVER 6 yrs ago, I changed eating and lifestyle habits after I lost a dear friend to bowel cancer. It woke me up as I realised that my friends and family were suffering at increasingly younger ages from preventable lifestyle diseases; Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, cancers, depression etc. What we are putting in and on our bodies is not supporting our optimal health.

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Edna B. Schur |Functional Medicine

Mentor | Functional Medicine |Traditional Chinese Medicine.

My passion is to help people between the ages of 30 and 50 on their way to replace their chronic diseases with passion and quality of life. They have been in a health, personal and professional dilemma for years and don’t know how to break out of it.As the world’s leading expert in holistic treatment for epigenetics, I support you in transforming yourself into a HEALTHY and Happy SELF.

gisela rocha | body-mind mentor

35 years of professional choreography and director work, presented in America, Europe, Asia and Brazil have placed me at an international level which led to this smooth transition into my currant career. As body-mind mentor, therapist and group coach facilitator with said experience, my specialty is to inspire individuals, groups and events, with my personal physical movement method. To instill connection with a greater energy flow than what they are currently experiencing. With my method, I “open” people up to trusting and becoming their best version.

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janene liston | the pricing lady

Janene is Europe’s most trusted pricing strategist for small businesses. She’s a Certified Pricing Professional, an entrepreneur and a European Public Speaking Champion with 20 years experience in product marketing and pricing. She teaches small business owners the strategies and actionable steps to create and communicate value so they can charge for the value they deliver, close more deals and be more profitable. It’s up to you whether pricing helps or hurts your business. Build the right pricing strategy and build a more sustainable business for the long term.

tulia lopez | Communications Architect

Tulia Lopes is a sought-after professional speaker, MC (master of ceremony) and panel moderator for corporate and private events internationally.She speaks on the topics ofintercultural, interpersonal and intergender communication diversity and inclusion change and behavior. ​Tulia is the founder of Speak Up & Lead Academy, the Stand Up & Speak Up Challenge, and the Speak Up Network. She is a sought-after speaker in Europe and also organizes events to give speaking opportunities to other experts.

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stefan logar | World's 1st Digital Life Enhancement Expert

World’s First Digital Life Enhancement Expert. With over 74’937 hours in technology and personal development, he knows exactly how to digitize your authentic self to help you bring your message across to a larger audience and impact the world with your uniqueness.Stefan is a published author and international business owner working with clients in over 13 countries.With his work he touched the lives of more than 318’766 people world wide thanks to partnerships with influencers.

Kiki de Courcy | Happiness Shifter

That’s my personal mission in life! My name is Caroline and I can help you get back on track and make positive change.

In the summer of 1990, I unexpectedly found myself in south east Cornwall. I say unexpectedly, because I thought I was going to Dorset for the weekend with my companion, but instead I arrived in a town close to where I’d spent childhood family holidays. I took this as a sign!

It turned out to be a gift from the Universe because that was when I met the woman who went on to be my spiritual guide and mentor on the road I have been on ever since. For anonymity, I shall call her M, though she went home many years ago now.

M put me in touch with my higher self, the Universe and the angels. Her help and mentorship led me to want to help others, just as she had helped me. So I became a life coach, Reiki Master and hypnotherapist with a few other skills, including a particular ability to counsel others by connecting them with their angels.

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Marta Gagnier | Fashion & Makeup Wizard

There’s a false belief that we have to do everything ourselves, can’t entrust others to help, and it’s hazardous and risky to receive. This is the legacy that we receive from older generations. Many women live here by omission, (I did so too during the early stage of my career) because our consciousness has not evolved past the belief that victories are about hard work and “making it happen”. That might be false… Today, married with two small children and with a blossoming career in front of me, I can proudly say I trust myself and I take care of myself ( I also take a lot of pictures for my social media profiles????) Here I will share with you my go-to tricks: makeup and fashion. I will teach you to gain confidendence, self-love, the Universe wants you to achieve your goals and I will also add: also wants you to love what you see in the mirror and I will guide you to accomplish so.

Sonia Willcox | Digital Strategist

Chief Marketing Officer. Proven expertise in marketing strategy, branding and strategic business solutions. I am consistently increasing sales and revenue growth to meet organizational goals.

Be remarkably uncommon.

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Priyanka Prakash | Yoga & Meditation Expert

Priyanka Prakash started her journey as a Vinyasa Yoga instructor when she began practicing a decade ago. She has been inspired to teach for many years now and has worked with instructors from both Chile and from Australia.
She is also an experienced meditation instructor.

Vinyasa yoga is one of the most popular yoga styles by far. It is a dynamic, flowing sequence of poses, often called Vinyasa Flow Yoga. The practice involves synchronizing the breath and movement through a continuous flow of postures in a fluid manner that increases strength, flexibility, stamina and calms the mind.

Priyanka will help you redefine, envision, and breakthrough to a whole new lifestyle in where you will breathe in peace and harmony and breathe out stress and discomfort. From this place you can live as a true expression of yourself and manifest inner power and peace.

ZALINA WACHLI | Holistic Beauty & Wellness Consultant

Zalina is a passionate woman with a wide range of expertise. She has a global mindset and so far she has thrived as an innovative and creative Beauty and Wellness Entrepreneur, Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach, Organic Formulator, Fitness Trainer, a model, a Wealth Advisor, an IT Consultant, an Author and a podcast host. Trinidadian born, she is a veteran in the beauty and fashion industry with accreditations in Switzerland, Paris, Berlin and New York. She has free-lanced for both Hollywood and European stars before moving from New York to one of the most beautiful cities in the world — Zürich, Switzerland.